Modware is an object oriented API for the Chado database schema. Chado is a public-domain genomics schema distributed by the Generic Model Organism Database Project (GMOD). Modware builds a powerful link between Chado and Bioperl by creating classes and a framework for creating Bioperl objects from records in a Chado instance. This brings a familiar, object-oriented interface to the complex data inside of a genome database.

It is recommended that you download The Modware VMWare appliance to test-drive Modware. It has Modware preinstalled on a fully populated Chado Database in a Ubuntu Linux environment. To run it, you need to download VMware Player (for Linux and Windows), or VMWare Fusion (for Mac). See the Getting Started with Modware Using VMware Appliance. The VMware appliance has a sample database containing the Dictyostelium genome installed and is accessible through a Modware installation.

Modware is in its early stages so feedback from users is critical. Please use our bug tracker on Sourceforge ( to report bugs and feature reqeusts.


Modware has begun development on the CVS HEAD to work with the impending GMOD 0.1 release. Also coming soon:

This software was developed for dictyBase
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